Birch Leaf Spot

Marssonina Betulae.

Birch Leaf Spot is a foliar leaf disease that affects Birch, Aspen and Cottonwood trees and other members of the Betulaceae family.

Marssonina leaf spot mainly affects European birch species in Australia particularly species B.pendula Silver and cultivars, Cut Leaf “Dalecarlica” and Young’s Weeping Birch “Youngii”.

Dissemination is via spores which are windborne that spread rapidly from an infected source, spores overwinter in dormant buds and twigs, activating during the spring phase.

Initial symptoms are small black spots that enlarge and join together as a mass of necrotic tissue, complete defoliation occurs during summer in affected trees. Untreated trees will weaken over consecutive years of defoliation leaving them prone to secondary insect pests and diseases.


Our dual treatments control both fungal and insect pests such as Fruit Tree Borer and aphids that are common problems for birch trees in Australia, other treatments are available on request.

Before: Micro injection controls both Marssonina and insect pests for two years or more.

After: Effective control, note this tree had been affected for 10 years prior to treatment.

Author: Steve Parton Environmental Tree Technologies 2013.

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