After Treatment Care

You have had your tree treated by tree injection, canopy spray or soil injection. What needs to be done now to maintain your tree during its growing season?

Tree Injection

Our guaranteed treatments will kill elm leaf beetles within 4 hours and can take as little as 8½ minutes in normal conditions.
Remember, tree injection is not limited by seasonal changes and will work in 8½ minutes in +28⁰C and 6½ minutes at +35⁰C. After the treatment, there is nothing you need to do, other than to keep water up to the tree if you are experiencing drought conditions.

Canopy Spray

Again, you need to do nothing to your tree after it has had canopy spraying treatment.
If you have any post-treatment concerns or queries you can always contact us.

Soil Injection

Elmsavers is phasing out the use of soil injection treatments in favour of more eco-friendly solutions.

However if you choose to undertake soil injection, the following needs to be considered: If using Meridien Thiamethoxam for soil injection, irrigation is a low priority.

However, if soil injection is undertaken using Imidacloprid, the main priority after your tree has been treated is to keep the root zone very moist. It is imperative this is done to assist with the uptake of insecticide into the canopy.

Remember these trees originate in cooler northern climates, so high moisture levels are necessary to maintain good tree health during our hot summers.

There is no need to apply any fertilisers as our treatment also involves the application of micro-nutrients.


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