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Elm Savers Factsheet
Read and download our factsheets on pests, diseases and treatment methods
  • Cypress Canker Cypress canker is a serious fungal disease that affects certain coniferous species
  • Plane Tree Anthracnose Plane Tree Anthracnose is becoming commonplace
  • About Elm Leaf Beetles Lifecycle of the elm leaf beetle and treatment methods
  • Birch Leaf Spot Birch Leaf Spot is a foliar leaf disease that affects Birch, Aspen and Cottonwood trees and other members of the Betulaceae family.
  • Elm Leaf Spot A widespread damaging and defoliating fungal disease that affects Weeping, Golden and English elms.
  • Fruit Tree Borer A serious pest is in regards to ornamental and native trees
  • Phytophthora Treatments for Eucalyptus & Other tree species Phytophthora is a serious plant disease that affects a wide range of plant species in both wild and cultivated situations.
  • Ash Whitefly A small white sap sucking insect, causes leaf damage in Golden and Claret Ash trees.