Elm Savers

The Eco-Friendly Way to Control Elm Leaf Beetle in Elm Trees.

Ema-ject® tree injectable insecticide RTU is a new and unique water-soluble formulation of emamectin benzoate developed in Australia by Environmental Tree Technologies for direct tree injection. It is an entirely different class of chemistry when compared to imidacloprid; it can solve resistance problems. Its properties allow rapid systemic uptake within the tree’s vascular system and ensure dispersal throughout the tree crown and foliage.

Ema-ject® has a minimal environmental impact and presents a low risk to off-target organisms. It achieves equivalent or better ELB control with nine times less active ingredient as compared to imidacloprid. Additionally, it is the only effective environmental alternative to imidacloprid, offering continuous long-term protection against elm leaf beetle.

When compared to neonicotinoids, emamectin benzoate is effective on several types of insects and pests, including mites. Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) studies revealed that Ema-ject® residues were not detected in buds, nectar, and pollen in multiple Eucalyptus species and elm tree pollen. However, imidacloprid was present at high and lethal levels in all samples taken.

Source: Graph & Image- APVMA submission data.

Comparison: untreated control tree left and Ema-ject® treated tree right.