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APVMA issues an Emergency Use Permit for Ema-ject® For Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer Western Australia.

The APVMA have issued an emergency use permit to Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development WA for the use of Ema-ject® in Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer.

Details: https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/borer

Permit Number: PER93427


The department will use Ema-ject as a trial control measure against the spread of Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer Euwallacea fornicates also  known as PSHB. Ema-ject was DPIRD’s preferred chemistry choice. The department also expressed concerns about the use of neonicotinoids as an environmental risk. The managing director of Environmental Tree Technologies Steve Parton advised both DIPIRD and the APVMA on the use and application rates, both department and the national regulator are satisfied.


Ema-ject Tree Injectable Insecticide is Australia’s only tree injectable form of emamectin benzoate. Its unique properties and novel water-soluble chemistry differ to any other emamectin benzoate product registered internationally. This is a significant advancement in tree injectable chemistry. Its high systemicity enhances translocation throughout the canopy, with long term protection on labelled insect pests.
Effective on a broader range of pest’s makes Ema-ject the superior environmental alternative to imidacloprid. Ema-ject has no restrictions of use in River Red Gum (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis). Treatment can still be undertaken even when the trees are in flower. Comparative independent studies found no detectable floral residues in buds, nectar, and pollen in multiple tree species. Whereas imidacloprid based products are present at lethal levels in residue tests. Australia’s national regulator, the APVMA is satisfied that Ema-ject when used as per label presents a minimal risk to the environment.

Ema-ject Tree Injectable Insecticide was invented, developed and formulated by Steve Parton the managing director of Environmental Tree Technologies Pty Ltd.

A wholly Australian owned company that is based in Melbourne.

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Images: Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development Western Australia