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Plane Tree Anthracnose- Winter Treatments Underway Now.

Clients often call us only after the disease becomes evident in late Spring. We recommend that clients undertake treatment now during the dormant Winter phase. This allows ample time for the chemistry to translocate evenly throughout the tree. By the time Spring arrives your tree will be protected.

Late treatments will still arrest the disease as seen in the recovery sequences below. For more details on Anthracnose, please read our Plane Tree Anthracnose Factsheet

Example treatment at Merrijig, Victoria

Treated: November 8th, 2021, diseased

February 11th, 2022, Recovery, and full canopy.

Example treatment at Yering, Victoria

Treated: November 4th, 2021, diseased

Update: January 21st, 2022, Canopy Recovery