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Elm Leaf Spot – Now a Widely Spreading Problem

Elm Leaf spot (Phloeospora ulmi) is a fungal disease that affects Weeping, Golden, Horizontal and now English elms. Once the disease is noticed in a tree it will re occur every year spreading to other elms as well. This disease is now becoming a serious problem and is more widespread particularly when conditions are moist, the problem becomes evident from late summer onwards causing premature leaf drop and ruined foliage.

elm leaf spot on warrandyte tree untreated weeping elm defoliated
Golden & Weeping Elms, both treated for Elm Leaf Beetle but are still vulnerable to Elm Leaf Spot

Golden elm leaf topside lesions Weeping elm leaf damaged foliage
Golden & Weeping Elms with damaged leaves caused by Elm Leaf Spot

healthy golden elm at mt lilydale college treated weeping elm
Golden Elm and Weeping Elm treated by Elmsavers with a full healthy foliage

Phomopsis leaf lesion, treated for elm leaf beetle only.

Both Golden and Weeping elms normally look their best at this time of the year and hold their leaves till June. Elmsavers is the first and only company to offer a Dual Micro Injection Treatment for Elm Leaf Beetle and Elm Leaf Spot, which will protect against this disease and elm leaf beetle for two years. Symptoms in Golden and Weeping elms, small white growths (fruiting bodies) are found on the leaf undersides.

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    Elm Leaf Spot a widespread damaging and defoliating fungal disease that affects Weeping, Golden, Horizontal and English elms.
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    This fungal disease is damaging Weeping, Golden, Horizontal and now English elms. If your tree has been treated for Elm Leaf Beetle it is still vulnerable.

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