COVID-19 UPDATE: We are still open and taking bookings, and will continue to carry out treatments that are booked in until the situation changes. Please note, treatments can take place without any physical contact with the tree owner, and all communication and payments will take place electronically. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns. All our staff are fully vaccinated for Covid-19.
Elm Savers

Insect Treatments for Eucalypts

Eucalyptus trees are targeted by a number of deadly pests. With Elmsavers, your treatment rejuvenates damaged trees and avoids unnecessary and costly removal!!

Insect Treatments for Eucalypts

  • Treatments involve either tree injection or canopy spray with neonicotinyl insecticides, these chemistries have
    been proven in the field and offer effective long term control.
  • Newer treatments are now available that are effective on all pests; they have greater systemic and persistent qualities than previous.
  • Comprehensive year round insecticidal and fungicidal treatments for eucalypts and other native tree species.
  • Servicing both municipal and private clients in metropolitan and regional areas in South East Australia.
  • Undertake large projects in long term control with a minimal environmental impact.
  • Actively involved in research and development of new product lines both internationally and locally.

Before: E.Melliodora Yellow Box at Lakeview Drive Lilydale.

After: Recovery, treatment protects for two or more years.

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Elmsavers has over 30 years experience in horticultural and arboricultural pest and disease control. Elmsavers offers a wide range of treatment options for elm trees and other plants, including tree (or trunk) injection, canopy spraying and soil injection.

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