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Tree injection Good Outcomes for Tree Health

Elmsavers treats thousands of elm trees every year with this method for both private and local government in three mainland states.

While proponents of soil injection will strongly argue about the effects of tree injection, their main motive centres around the cost of the tree injectable chemistry.

Other motives against change would be the need to divest in expensive plant and vehicles. Newer investments in better equipment of the known methodology would be critical. Furthermore, by continuing as usual makes for an easy way out, requiring no change to an accustomed method, cheap chemistry and level of profit.

As a treatment soil injection doesn’t have the same impact, it often taking weeks or months to be effective. Issues with dry or wet conditions are a consideration when using this method.It’s a procedure that is known to be dangerous to the environment. (Please read our news blog on Soil Injecting Elm Trees With Imidacloprid Is A Risk To Bees And The Environment)

Tree injection on the other hand will not cost the customer anymore to undertake, but the procedure requires a higher level of application efficiency to gain a profit.

It is the safest most effective way to introduce chemistry to a tree, results with some insecticides can be seen within minutes of application.

The end results for both trees and environment speak for themselves.

Tree injection Good Outcomes for Tree Health
Treatment initially on 6/05/2003,again on the 17/03/2005 (grey injection plug) and finally on the 4/05/2007 (plug not visible). Unfortunately,the tree was later cut down due to storm damage. Healing results are clearly visible over the long term with no vascular damage evident.

A tree was treated on numerous occasions
Loddon Shire Council: Golden elm, needed to be removed by council, this tree was treated on numerous occasions. Treatment dates: 9/10/2008-14/6/2011 – 2/5/2014 and the16/5/2017. No negative impact, vigorous new growth has enveloped the plug over the ensuing years.

Elmsavers has since phased out plugs in most treatments with the exception of School situations.

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