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Elm Leaf Spot Alert

Elm Leaf Spot is a fungal disease that is now becoming widespread and is a continual problem that will reoccur every year. Symptoms of Elm Leaf Spot are now evident on many elms. Susceptible species and cultivars include Golden, Weeping, Horizontal and English elms. If not treated this disease will begin to defoliate your tree rapidly over the next few weeks. Symptoms

Top canopy showing defoliation due to Elm Leaf Spot fungal disease
Top canopy showing defoliation due to Elm Leaf Spot fungal disease

elm leaf spot 1 elm leaf spot 2

Phomopsis leaf lesion, treated for elm leaf beetle only.

If your Elm Trees have these symptoms or look like this, please call Elmsavers on 03 – 9723 1779 for treatment information and advice.

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    Elm Leaf Spot a widespread damaging and defoliating fungal disease that affects Weeping, Golden, Horizontal and English elms.
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    The Golden and Weeping Elms normally look their best at this time of the year, but widespread Elm Leaf Spot disease is causing premature leaf drop and ruined foliage.
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