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Ema-ject® – registered and approved by the APVMA

Ema-ject® Environmental Tree Technologies new insecticide has now gained APVMA registration, approval number 88692/121997.

Ema-ject® is the only tree injectable form of emamectin benzoate in Australia. It is a completely novel water-soluble chemistry line unlike any other registered internationally.

Ema-ject® has high systemicity moving quickly throughout the canopy offering extended protection on labelled insect pests. Being effective on a broader range of pests makes Ema-ject® the superior environmental alternative to imidacloprid.

Ema-ject® has no restrictions of use in River Red Gum (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis).

Treatment can still be undertaken even when the trees are in flower. Comparative studies have shown that no detectable floral residues were found in buds, nectar, and pollen in multiple eucalyptus species. Whereas imidacloprid based products are present at lethal levels in residue tests. The APVMA is satisfied that Ema-ject® when used as per label presents a minimal risk to the environment.

Ema-ject® was invented and developed in Australia by Steve Parton the managing director and owner of Environmental Tree Technologies, a wholly Australian owned company.

Ema-ject® River Red Gum (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis) insecticide

The Ema-ject label includes:

  • Elm Leaf Beetle, all susceptible elm species.
  • River Red Gum for Lerp infestation.
  • Platanus species “Plane Trees” for Sycamore Lacebug.
  • Further label additions & amendments pending.
  • Off label Permits issued as pests present.

To find out more about Ema-ject® and our tree treatments, please contact us directly via our contact form or call 1300 356 728.